Yes, both vehicles were once professional service vehicles in the funeral industry as coaches. Now that we were able to get a hold of them, they’ve been adapted.

We’d much rather not, but, if a client ask for it to be removed, yes we will.

Maybe, but if we knew for sure they were it would be a benefactor as we could offer true auto pilot! Only considering they have PP Chauffeurs’ license of course.

Yes; although our fleet is themed we are absolutely open to ANY occasion at any time weather permitting.
No, it locks automatically upon closing and we’ve always had trouble locating the keys afterwards.‚Äč
Naturally two people do not see something the same. We see our vehicles as beautifully built pieces of craftsmanship and love taking care of them ultimately to share with our clients. It’s a vehicle! Not a rotting cadaver on casters; so fork over the deposit.

Absolutely! The casket is our staple to Indy Grimo; that is what has given us our theme.

Yes, yes we do. We often hide our faces from the general public in embarrassment. Only kidding. While our fleet is very unique we strive to provide what one would expect from any other professional transportation provider, only with a small twist.

Yes, we had to power wash the dirt from them once they were given to us. NO! Why would you ask that!? They were new.

Yes, considering all contractual requirements are met.
Absolutely, sometimes it feels as if they still are. C’mon, more people have died in the hospitals we all visit and with that said they usually do not die in a hearse. Suck it up buttercup!